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It’s my passion to put my learning into working, and, in doing so, I strive to augment the communities to which I belong.
Other than academic research and published work, this generally means craft and multimedia production ‘side’ projects. So far, my passions include graphics design, music making, coding, 3D Modelling, photography (multimedia production), theatre and writing.
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“Seek knowledge. Locate Passion. Change the World.”

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A Future researcher still in training, Collecting any puzzle pieces, near or far, along the way, I Do my best to live up to the quote I found at UC Berkeley.
At present, I hope to research into both the origin of the cosmos and emergent behaviors of complex systems.
I grew up on an university campus, and in many ways never left such environments. I want to work out my place in the cosmos. if nothing else, This is enough to motivate my endeavors in physics and the broader academia: To me, as much as they are about the elegant and impassiveness nature and her clockworks, they are about the essence of life itself.
Currently working as a student researcher in Dept. of mathematics, University of Auckland, I am studying the trajectories in 2D Triangulae billiards, transitioning from numerical calculations to rigorous proofs from multiple perspectives. I will update this site as my studies go on ->

Did I mention that my life goal is to go into a black hole?

Please check for my resume and research activities using the main menu.

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Writing and Outreach

I work to be a good communicator. This is the initial motivation behind the establishment of my website, and THANKS FOR BEING MY READER!
Offline, I have over 300 hours of ‘S.T.E.M.’ volunteering experience in my undergraduate years so far, and, HELLO! if you got to know me thanks to these occasions.
You may want to check out some notable projects that I’ve participated in..
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I grew to love photography. Friends, strangers, landscapes, birds and stars. I occasionally undertake small-scale personal and commercial projects.

My main gear is a Nikon D810 with official and custom-built addon hardware.