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Homepage Last Edited June 30, 2018
Me with my transition metals at Natural History Museum, Houston, TX.


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In the Making …

In my first year of high school, I made a CG-animation named “Voyagers”, which condensed into a poem.

For the 150th Founding Anniversary of UC Berkeley, and to signify what I’ve learned in the past years, I am working on an original short animation following the same spirit, Hidden Planets.

Dreaming of hosting a season of Cosmos one day, I think it’s time to begin again.

Work in progress. Follow me to keep up to date.

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“Seek knowledge. Locate Passion. Change the World.”

This is a slogan in Berkeley’s Student Learning Center, where I work as a physics tutor.

Still an undergraduate student unsure of his place in academia, I am actively seeking the field that I am the most passionate about. At present, that seems to lie in the scopes of theoretical physics, nonlinear dynamics, or astrophysics. On the other hand, I really enjoy reading literature from evo-devo biology, number theory, planetary science, and chemistry.


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How I write is influenced by my personal background. I would most confidently identify as a traditional northern Chinese, then a New Zealander, and then a world citizen who will one day add to stories from around this world and beyond.

I work to be a good communicator, of ideas, of science and in general. That was the initial motivation behind the establishment of this site.

A poem of mine summarizes my writing the best:


Under some ancient starlight,

and into the verge of darkness;

Beside colliding particles,

and between segregating galaxy clusters,

take a life long glimpse,

At an infinity.

(Life @ 19)