Keep Trying, And Why

I’ve both watched a lot of videos on genetic algorithms in the morning (I tend to play science-y videos as my screensaver) and attended the public talk “How to Clone a Mammoth” given by Prof. Beth Shapiro of UC Santa Cruz. Therefore, I marvelled at the mundane, ubiquitous yet powerful work of evolution multiple times, throughout the day. Just keep trying.

Just keep trying. We are not a string of ATGC. We are more than that. We are ATGC at work. We are ATGC constantly trying on the brink between of death and failure. We are ATGC that are ever-trying, -changing, -damaged, -repaired, -altered, -inhibited … in every natural mechanism imaginable (or not). We are here because of trying. Needless to say that the puny base pairs that we have lost on the evolutionary paths also helped shape us-more so- those old attempts, trials, detached, withering and scattered in cytoplasm.

We are that information, in the ages during which it wants to be alive, in light, to be within the right world to try one more time.

I wrote a lot about genetic algorithm and Hawking’s black holes, though, in Chinese two years ago, when I knew little linear algebra or calculus. Also I have been writing my first GA program with Python.

More importantly, I thought about what I should say here – there – where I am eventually with someone; I try – when our minds are free, are unbounded, are deeper in reality yet outside the mundane shell of “science’s” exceptions or homocentric rules, of trifling entries, of eloquent, far-off far-off stars uncomprehending our self-importance.

Why should I care? I don’t have a picture but that it could be the midst of a moonlit night; try, witness the work of time. Try.

Don’t be poetic when it isn’t meant to be; don’t blame biochemistry.


Just keep trying.

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