(BITS of) π Day Memories

Recite π as a binary decimal, if you wish.


On π day, 2014, at about 15:9.26, I ate a chocolate π during a Chinese literature class, got nearly choked, and had to leave the classroom to search for water… Thank you to my teacher for not being too troubled by my absurd neediness.

On π day, 2015, I dreamed a lot of dreams, but did it matter? Could I quantify them?

I was learning A-Level Statistics then.


On π day 2016 (Eastern Time), I took the liberty of naming the place outside 303-102 the Corner of Rejection. I eat my lunch here now.

π day 2017⋯ Ecstasy of Gold

Nothing really happened.  Happy pi day to all!


Study maths! That’s the only may to honor this occasion — and nature,

I will always be your reader, if not a friend.


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