(BITS of) π Day Memories

Recite π as a binary decimal, if you wish.


On π day, 2014, at about 15:9.26, I ate a chocolate π during a Chinese class, got nearly choked, and had to leave the classroom to search for any water… Thank you to my teacher for not troubling with my absurdity.

On π day, 2015, I dreamed a lot of dreams, but did it matter? Could I quantify them?

I was learning A-Level Statistics then.


On π day 2016 (Eastern Time), I took the liberty of naming the place outside 303-102 the Corner of Rejection. I eat my lunch here.

I once misspelled “with” with “Sith”.

π day 2017⋯ Ecstasy of Gold

Nothing really happened.  Happy pi day to all!


Study maths! That’s the only may to honor this occasion — and nature,

I will always be your reader, if not a friend.


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