A Few Non-Astro Astrophotographs

Happy new semester!  As part of my procrastination plan (two more posts, to be honest and spoil-y), instead of writing personal statements for URAP.

Here I am.

There I was.


If you have scrolled all the way down my newly facelifted homepage, you would have seen it: stars, through my eyes and my machines, like the image above. taken at this location

Fun fact, this is the exact school sign.

Fun fact, I got my jeans dirty that night…

My DSLR’s only lens set has a maximum aperture of f/4, apparently not good enough to work late at night, even with 3200 ISO (or under a full eclipse, for that case).  That being said, I did manage to snap the following few shots for the southern sky:

It’s also the first time I’ve tried slideshows on WordPress…


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And, like always, I like labelling stuff.  (Thanks to Space Engine running on my travelling notebook but not iPad).


I think that’s enough photography to share.  The rest, I’d preserve as a source of site artwork and clipart in the future blogs.

Just to be more relevant and timely, before we leave, here’s the eclipse:




Got a funny timetable (and self-assigned missions). Good night from California.

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