Crossing the Road

Good for thought – I realize that to post alarmingly short and undeveloped ideas might be less alarming than posting nothing. I do have 3 problem sets to finish before Thursday, but I also have a fictional world to build.

Here, I am documenting a brief thought experiment half-planted in reality, and some short comments that could follow.

This morning, after getting breakfast, I had to cross the road to get back on Campus. Just as I was about to finish, a speeding car, seeing my location, did not slow down and passed close behind me.

Well, what if I dropped my ID while crossing and subconsciously turned back?

I’ve been studying accidents a lot recently, so maybe that’s why this strikes me as significant. My point is, for myself, (and the driver too), what exactly would be the foundation of our decision if I were to need to turn back to stay reasonable?

Of course,  I ‘should’ know the car’s brake distance (were I to be noticed at all), and similarly, the driver should know my potential of turning back. How much do we need trust each other? Or how much do we need to trust physics?

Vaguely, I told myself as an ending statement, Physics should hardly be the excuse, but a compass I should always be wary of.

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