“Who is me?”

This is a different page than my welcome page. Before 2017 I would like to answer a question here.

Who is me?

Hello and welcome to f-STEM, just another folder of hypertexts on the Interweb.

This is a piece of stellar remnant from a course in the University of Auckland called Science Scholars 102.

That being the case, during the course of Semester 2, 2016, as the silent one of the class representatives, I did manage to finish some articles explaining Fourier Transformation, dreamed about Interstellar Travel, and longed for more than I ever felt necessary from human connection. They give away chocolate fishes every week to good bloggers – in a manner similar to peer reviews – and I was fortunate enough to get one and give two away.

I also revived (literally) my YouTube account and started to make Music on my keyboard and Guitar.

This is a portal through which I connect to the world. Deleting social network accounts as I commence my tedious UG reading plans. I have found books more enjoyable.

This is a regular dump where I post all kinds of strange stuff. I am looking forward to it.

I wrote this article at the moment that Trump has his lead in America’s 2016 presidential election. My application for Berkeley exchange was just handed in.


Spaghetti? Don’t look beyond any page’s word contents though. My blog’s background is actually terrifying, physically.