Would I be disconcerted to review and discover this as what I wrote when turning twenty one? Would I be disappointed at this episode of my life? “No” makes the choice with more irony potential. FTDSCI NOTICES: This letter, including any information provided in the form of personal information herein, is a work of fiction. … Continue reading Hey

Note. Evening, May 11th

I have old notes to summarize, I have new lessons just learnt ... but I have not foreseen that in the evening before my 21st birthday, I'd be experiencing my most severe, and maybe only so far, food allergy situation. I certainly don't know my body well enough. Aotea Island, NZL

PSA: In an Emergency Civilian Aircraft Landing, Do Not Take Belongings

The May 5th Crash-Landing and fire of Aeroflot SU1492, a Sukhoi Superjet 100, is upsetting news. To me, it is especially so after further reports arrived. I read of passengers sitting on front rows stopping to open their baggage cases before evacuating, perhaps indirectly leading to an increase in the death toll, 41 on-board passengers … Continue reading PSA: In an Emergency Civilian Aircraft Landing, Do Not Take Belongings

“To Scale”: That Black Hole Picture

If you like scrolling you might enjoy the previous feature: solar-earth light ray diagram to scale. In the spirit of that, and to answer some general complaints, "Why is the photo so blurry!?"... Here's me attempting to put our first black hole portrait to human scales. Of course, this time it's utterly impossible to put … Continue reading “To Scale”: That Black Hole Picture