Drops of Europa

A fantastical encounter. Version 5F I. She saw mountains in her dream. The Sun, joined by a few distant silver crescents, illuminates one side of her dome window as Ann wakes up in the control chamber, rejuvenated, but still slightly fatigued, thanks to the prolonged weightlessness. Slightly disoriented, she takes a brief moment to confirm … Continue reading Drops of Europa


I am exactly 20 years old now. BJT 1998-05-12 15:10. PDT 2018-05-12 00:10. 据我的父母所讲,我在二十年前的这个时刻来到了这个世界。从那时,到现在,接近一半的时候,我渐渐意识到我所知道的一切都开始于那个时间,连带我所可能知道的一切。我时而飘渺地看见了无法逃离的归宿,但也把路上的一切风景留给了命运。 感谢我的父母、家人、前人、祖国、世界。感谢我所能够认识的正在读这段话的所有人。二十岁是一个新的开始。 According to my parents, my journey began this moment exactly 20 years ago. About half way between then and where am I now, I began recognizing that everything I ever knew began on 12/May/1998, along with everything I will ever … Continue reading 1510

What is the Most Frightening Celestial Object?

A few days back on at home, there was an astronomy question that made it onto the "Trending Q&A" list (quite impressive for my homeland), "What is the most frightening celestial object known to science?" Not surprisingly, in the scientifically literate answers -- many of which I might be interested in covering in the … Continue reading What is the Most Frightening Celestial Object?

Welcome to the Nebulous Future: Speech at Toastmasters on Campus

Welcome to the Nebulous Future An Introduction to Complex Systems A Speech at Toastmasters, February 21st, 2018 Toastmaster, members and guests, good evening. [Newton's Dream] Around three hundred years ago, after setting the foundations of Calculus (ahem), Sir Isaac Newton wrote down his three laws of motion. First - A body will stay at rest … Continue reading Welcome to the Nebulous Future: Speech at Toastmasters on Campus