Sleepless Hearts, #1 (ENG – CHN)

I saw stars through my ceiling, Below our moon, they were sitting In my mind they were calling. The autumn leaf and the swirling wind were my finger’s relative. Maybe here I am, so we never again separate. β‹― I could not see where it began. I could not conjure afar I am afar. I … Continue reading Sleepless Hearts, #1 (ENG – CHN)

Naming the Stars

Another very short one. Β I just printed out my last assignment of the week, and decided to spend another few minutes writing (personally) before I head for a CafΓ© (to grab a non-caffeinated drink alone, of course), and hopefully finish the problem set soon after. Bay Area's temperature broke historical records this weekend (39 degrees … Continue reading Naming the Stars

Turning on the Lights

I like nights better. How much time has every bit of reality waited in darkness to briefly experience light? Why should I know? Every point of it, in a mathematical abstraction or every grid points separated by Planck lengthβ‹― why am I in light, on a hospitable planet, amid some lively adventure towards knowledge of … Continue reading Turning on the Lights