Fear and Future

In order to finish some essays, I have been digging through my archives painstakingly.  Here's a trivial find. From my 2014 Chronicle. Translation approaching. 绝对的寂静里, 深的模糊 是无尽世界的棋子 还是岁月旅人的眼睛 他们单纯地向未知跋涉, 最初的 却不是最后的 恐惧可以解除 只是一瞬 却为剧变的天地铄出光芒 在我所及之处 恰是我不可即之殇: 那将发生, 你将归来, 那也是很久远的事了 这层当下延伸至未可知的迷雾 也遮挡不了那点遥远的旋转的光锥。 星星或许也很远 或许更远 我只能看到千年, 那不是我的世界 那是未来的领地了 此去期年, 忘掉了, 和努力阅读自然的故事时一样 再看看自己的过去。 Link to original work: user.qzone.qq.com/775842684/blog/1419872866/

Earth, #1

I thought about naming this series, P. Blue Dot. Rejoice at this era,           brief and           precarious as it is. Our species' most prestigious elites,           one's dearest loves and wishes,           economical partnership and expectations, firm grounds to hold onto or [...]


There would inevitably be one day in which I start anew in what is called 'proper writing'. As cool as a hexadigital decimal number can be, in this post, 101535 is simply the property tag number of the computer that, last year, stayed idle on the hot desk in my mum's departmental office. Spending almost all [...]