From Midnight GarageBand to ‘Main Sequence’

I'll upload the poster for my debut album first. Β If you think that the size looks peculiarly like a Facebook cover, you'd be right. Β Still it is perfectly color-matched with the blog interface.   More details coming after semester exams - to know how I performed (in BIOLOGY 201), please subscribe to this blog. To … Continue reading From Midnight GarageBand to ‘Main Sequence’

Afar, The Message

There are words below, though. No one will be here to see my message, the same logic, however, applies to the historical expeditions whereΒ we send messages to places afar. Lack of confidence doesn't kill me, inertness and laziness do, and perhaps cultural incompatibility. Whereas I do not seem competent in anything - I am the … Continue reading Afar, The Message