Photo Stories: Physics Department at Night

Good evening. I am not the last one to leave. Well, the motivation's been comparable to the excitement of unlocking a new part of the game world in a racing game, that becoming an official staff in physics somehow encouraged me to immediately desire to work after hours. Knowing that this wouldn't work long-term, I … Continue reading Photo Stories: Physics Department at Night

Stillwater: A Short Story

It is still an early draft. [a][b][c][d][e][f][g][h][i]To Anna Story Iteration #4[j]fWork in ProgressInstead of footnotes, I have laid out some comments that I think may aid your enjoyment.I.Del decided to consume a star.Although it could be costly, feeding on the small fusion furnaces had been Del’s most reliable source of sustenance. He[k][l][m][n] needed to continue his search … Continue reading Stillwater: A Short Story

Drops of Europa

A fantastical encounter. Version 5F I. She saw mountains in her dream. The Sun, joined by a few distant silver crescents, illuminates one side of her dome window as Ann wakes up in the control chamber, rejuvenated, but still slightly fatigued, thanks to the prolonged weightlessness. Slightly disoriented, she takes a brief moment to confirm … Continue reading Drops of Europa

Welcome to the Nebulous Future: Speech at Toastmasters on Campus

Welcome to the Nebulous Future An Introduction to Complex Systems A Speech at Toastmasters, February 21st, 2018 Toastmaster, members and guests, good evening. [Newton's Dream] Around three hundred years ago, after setting the foundations of Calculus (ahem), Sir Isaac Newton wrote down his three laws of motion. First - A body will stay at rest … Continue reading Welcome to the Nebulous Future: Speech at Toastmasters on Campus

Naming the Stars

Another very short one.  I just printed out my last assignment of the week, and decided to spend another few minutes writing (personally) before I head for a Café (to grab a non-caffeinated drink alone, of course), and hopefully finish the problem set soon after. Bay Area's temperature broke historical records this weekend (39 degrees … Continue reading Naming the Stars