“Seek knowledge. Locate Passion. Change the World.”

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A Future researcher still in training, Collecting any puzzle pieces, near or far, along the way, I Do my best to live up to the quote I found at UC Berkeley.
At present, I hope to research into both the origin of the cosmos and emergent behaviors of complex systems.
I grew up on an university campus, and in many ways never left such environments. I want to work out my place in the cosmos. if nothing else, This is enough to motivate my endeavors in physics and the broader academia: To me, as much as they are about the elegant and impassiveness nature and her clockworks, they are about the essence of life itself.
Currently working as a student researcher in Dept. of mathematics, University of Auckland, I am studying the trajectories in 2D Triangulae billiards, transitioning from numerical calculations to rigorous proofs from multiple perspectives. I will update this site as my studies go on ->

Did I mention that my life goal is to go into a black hole?

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